Pig Tails launched with airborne celery

His Highness Hazel surveys Fullers Bookshop

Fullers Bookshop Hobart
10 November 2017

The Pig God does nothing by halves. To his quaking servant's horror he ordered her to approach one of Tasmania's MOST prestigious human authors to launch Pig Tails. Merridy did as she was told, and to her amazement (but not Hazel's), Danielle Wood said, 'Yes.' 

His Royal Highness organised his Royal Portrait to be up-front, centre-stage, to keep an eye on the proceedings.

Hazel approved the guinea pig grandfather's introductory speech, and the guinea-pig-friendly fodder (fruit, veg, chocolate raisins) supplied to keep fans well-fed and alert.

Since the famed Danielle spoke eloquently about the sentience of furry creatures, Hazel offered her a cushion featuring Chickpea, an inferior but useful guinea pig, the 'face' of Pig Tails.

The guinea pig mother spoke alongside guest squeakers, Jupiter the Ginger Ninja and Zeus Nutkin Speedy Motors Pugh.

There was a ceremonial tossing-of-the-celery, whereupon the waiting crowd burst into spontaneous 'wheeks' of excitement as they tried to catch it. The catcher won a free copy of Pig Tails.

It ended with The Guinea Pig Song by Joe Pasquale, who knows his pigs. Performed to perfection by Mark Goninon and Angela Panarettos.

Merridy signed the books and stamped them with Hazel's proxy-paw-print (since he couldn't be bothered to be there in person, Zeus had donated a print). Then she lay down on the floor upstairs in the storeroom while kindly fans cleared up, and contemplated the various demands for Book 2. The Muse (HHH) is insatiable and will not be stopped!

Grateful thanks to all fans and friendly assistants for their support.

Boars Behaving Badly will be launched when the human author has recovered.